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What kind of softbox should I get?


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Oct 5, 2015
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I am looking to improve my inside shots, so I've decided to look into buying some sort of lighting.

I have a Canon 50D with various lenses (fixed: 24mm and 50mm -- and then the default one that came with the camera).

I'd like to take some product shots and other various people shots inside against my white backdrop.

What would you recommend I use? Can I just use a softbox? Do I need 2 (one on each side pointing at subject)? Do I need anything else?

Is it better to have the light on continuously? Or strobe, where it just goes off on exposure?

Thanks so much everyone!
Can this post get moved to that thread then possibly? Thanks!
Two softboxes, one on each side, is not a good system most of the time, because that lighting pattern can easily create, "Dual main lights", or "Competing key lights", and it usually looks ugly, flat, and unstudied. Two identical lights hitting flat artwork at 45 degrees is okay for doing copy work, however. ONE light source, and some well-placed reflector fill is a good way to get started in lighting many,many things.

Softboxes? The 24 x 24 inch Made in China models are okay. A good reflector, stand, and some type of grip arm to position the reflector can be helpful. To mount a speedlight, you need some type of mounting hardware, stuff that will hold the softbox by its speed ring, and then some way to hold the flash so it fires and so its beam fires into the center of the softbox interior.

Look around on the Adorama and B&H Photo web sites.

I think there's wayyyyy too much emphasis on monster-sized boxes for amateur uses...the 24x24 boxes are the right size to start with, and they work okay for a lot of things. Bigger boxes can be very unweildy in smaller rooms, and unless you have good light stands, short boom arms, etc.,etc..

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