1. J

    Hi Guys, Do you know the name of this Material in the background?

    Hi Guys, I am a beginner Photographer and am wondering if someone could simply identify or perhaps link (amazon etc) of what type type of Material these blog photos are taken on. Vai Kai : Photo Vai Kai : Photo Vai Kai : Photo It has little holes in it, and I think it is nice. I would...
  2. Ironlegs

    Blue | Fashion portrait | 2015

    Hello everyone, long time no see ! Recently i was on a photography workshop where i was trying cameras and lenses and there was one model and this light setup so this is basicaly my first fashion portrait, so i wanted to share this with you all. ( i borrowed Canon 6d and 70-200 f/2.8 and its...
  3. erkindemir

    shooting cans with a single strobe challenge

    hello guys. I mainly shoot fashion but i have to shoot lots of cans for a local company, the outcome should be similar like the attachments. it should give this 3d feeling with emphasize on the front details. I have a single strobe with its standart reflector and a photex umbrella with its...
  4. B

    how to photograph babies/toddlers in a studio setting

    i just got a job in a studio which i have never done. i have never really been around kids and i don't know how to photograph them or talk to them. how do i interact with them or engage them so i can take photos? what do i do to make them sit still or look at me? any tips or tricks?