1. purpleroan

    Culture & Photos

    Hey everybody! I am currently a college student composing a research paper centered around the ways that photography (content-wise and stylistically) differs by country/culture, and the effect that this may have on foreigners and their perceptions of a country when they view media from said...
  2. D

    The need for change

    Do you think that having certain tendencies as a photographer is a bad thing? Such as preferring certain angles, lighting, or crop? Or is this simply part of someone's "style"? Personally, I find myself feeling discouraged when I notice that some of my photos are essentially the same...
  3. NellsPhoto

    What style of photo printing is this?

    Hello all, first post here, and it is a QUESTION! I have had no luck finding answers elsewhere, so here goes: What style of photography produced this image? By style, I mean print method. The corners are a silvery/metallic color/finish. It is part of a set and research into the topic tells me...
  4. PJoneil

    Do you shoot a type of photography you never desired to when you started?

    I'm sure this may sound like a funny question to some of you and I'm new here so this is my first ever thread started, whoohoo! But I was thinking back on when I first picked up a camera with an interest besides snapshots. Back in 2011 I was a doorgunner on a UH-60 black hawk helicopter in...