1. Loving my Fashion Style

    Loving my Fashion Style

    Fashion Styles of a Young woman who is embracing the styles she wears
  2. nerwin

    Do you use presets to edit your photos?

    Since the majority of photo edit applications...Lightroom, Capture One, etc have the ability to use presets for a once click edit, do you use them? This is more for people who shoot RAW, but it can be applied to those who also use presets on jpegs as well. I am curious how the response will...
  3. purpleroan

    Culture & Photos

    Hey everybody! I am currently a college student composing a research paper centered around the ways that photography (content-wise and stylistically) differs by country/culture, and the effect that this may have on foreigners and their perceptions of a country when they view media from said...
  4. D

    The need for change

    Do you think that having certain tendencies as a photographer is a bad thing? Such as preferring certain angles, lighting, or crop? Or is this simply part of someone's "style"? Personally, I find myself feeling discouraged when I notice that some of my photos are essentially the same...
  5. NellsPhoto

    What style of photo printing is this?

    Hello all, first post here, and it is a QUESTION! I have had no luck finding answers elsewhere, so here goes: What style of photography produced this image? By style, I mean print method. The corners are a silvery/metallic color/finish. It is part of a set and research into the topic tells me...
  6. PJoneil

    Do you shoot a type of photography you never desired to when you started?

    I'm sure this may sound like a funny question to some of you and I'm new here so this is my first ever thread started, whoohoo! But I was thinking back on when I first picked up a camera with an interest besides snapshots. Back in 2011 I was a doorgunner on a UH-60 black hawk helicopter in...