Do you shoot a type of photography you never desired to when you started?


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Oct 5, 2015
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I'm sure this may sound like a funny question to some of you and I'm new here so this is my first ever thread started, whoohoo! But I was thinking back on when I first picked up a camera with an interest besides snapshots. Back in 2011 I was a doorgunner on a UH-60 black hawk helicopter in Baghdad, Iraq and I bought a fujifilm finepix s3300, lol. It was all I could get on base and I had no clue back then. But anyways I would take all kinds of pictures on my adventures from the countryside to just random shots. But one thing I repeatedly told my friends was that I never wanted to mess with portrait photography because I thought it was boring. Well I realized earlier today that now portrait style photography is actually my favorite type to capture. I don't mean the typical sit in front of a backdrop and say cheese. Those really are kind of boring. I like portraits with personality. But I never thought I would be shooting that over other types of photography. I know some on here may not be big fans of certain types of photography, but "to each his own". I guess you never really know where photography will take you. I still want to learn more about the other areas of interest though like wildlife, nature and landscapes and it seems we have a lot of talent in those areas in these forums, so I am in luck. I was just curious if anybody else has found themselves in a similar situation like mine.
I never thought I'd get into doing sports photography, but one thing led to another and I've done mostly hockey (and not the only woman in my area who's done local hockey). Now that I'm not doing that these days I've been doing alternate processes, which I didn't even used to know existed.

I do remember years ago thinking I'd do something someday with my photography, it just wasn't til years later that I discovered what that would be.
Birds. I thought by now I'd be on some beach with Kate Upton fending off her advances rather than in a swamp looking for some bird.
I wanted to do newborns but after a few shoots I decided it was WAY too much work. Now I enjoy the one thing I thought I would never like.... Landscapes. I still want to try to delve into macro, but no.... I'm not shooting what I started out wanting to shoot.
When I started I was a blank slate.
I shot everything since I did not know any better, so I did not make a decision to not take images of whatever.
When taking courses in photography to expand my knowledge, I also did not make immediate reactions.
I did, eventually over time, concentrate on things that were more enjoyable than others.
Portraiture for me, too.

Back in the Dark Ages I really liked informal portraiture and candids along with other favorites such as form and texture studies, but never wanted to do anything in more of a formal style.

These days I am trying my hand at studio portraiture using flash.
When I took this up as a hobby I only really wanted to do landscapes and get photos of my daughter.

When I moved into doing this for a part time business I thought it would be weddings and family portraits. But in that short time I discovered I work best with models and I am enjoying doing more fashion editorial style shoots.

I still want to be doing the portraits and weddings. But it is now being very much influenced by what I am learning in fashion photography.
Well ... I shoot all types of photography, except macro since that would require a macro lens and a ***load of other stuff.

I mostly enjoy making photographs of people, though. And news-style photography.
I didn't discriminate when I first started. I began just taking random photos of stuff I thought was interesting, then I did sports for my school and portraits for my friends. I was all over.
I thought once I got the DSLR, I would do portraits. Bought a bunch of shtuff I did not need and rarely use.
One day, Wifey and I went to a dog park and that was it; it's been nature and wildlife since then, primarily Birdography. I've also been shooting surfing and never thought I would be doing that either.
B&W is something that I didn't see any point in when I started. For the first twenty years or so I shot almost exclusively colour negative mixed with the occasional Polaroid. I might have bought two rolls of B&W in that time, and one of those got lost in a drawer somewhere before it could be developed. Nowadays I do quite a lot of B&W photography.
"Do you shoot a type of photography you never desired to when you started?"

Are "bad" and "missed shot" a type of photography?
Since we live and travel in an RV, I was POSITIVE I would be doing landscape all the time.
If you look at my avatar, I was hooked by birds. That really surprised me.
We are going back out west 2017, and will get my landscapes someday!!

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