1. H

    Upgrade Advice?

    I currently have a Canon T2i and am looking to upgrade, whether that be in lens or in camera body. I really only take photos as a hobby, but I care enough to want my photos to look as professional as possible. However, I've had problems with getting sharp landscape photos... particularly of...
  2. itsjustbreality

    Newbie Looking for Some CC!

    Hello! I am new here. I posted an entire book about my photography experience in the welcome forum (haha), so I'll spare you the details here. Long story short, I've been exposed to photography here and there, but just started taking it seriously. I'm a serious hobbyist for now with the...
  3. itsjustbreality

    Your Input Needed!

    Accidentally posted in the wrong place! I'll get this figured out. :)
  4. Meisshi

    I have Canon T2i. I think I want Sony A55. Help me a little bit?

    Hi friends! My first post. I wanted to find a place where many knowledgeable people could weigh in. Here's my "story". I am by no means a pro or know as much as actual photographers, but I wouldn't say I'm a complete beginner either. Four years ago I bought Canon Rebel T2i, which is pretty...
  5. C

    New guy here.....40D, Rebel T1i, t2i or XSi

    I'm upgrading from my Olympus Evolt E-500 mainly because of the cost of upgrade lenses compared to Canon or Nikon. Anyway I've got my choices narrowed down to one of the ones listed above or possibly a 50D if I could find one for the right price. I've already got a couple of lenses (EF 35-80 and...