1. V

    Canon EF 75-300 with 2.2x magnifiers?

    Hello. I'm new to photography and just got my first telephoto lens for my Rebel T7, the Canon EF 75-300 III UM. The T7 came in a bundle with the Canon 18-55mm lens, and a couple additional Commander lenses, the 2.2 telephoto lens and a wide angle. I used the 2.2 telephoto lens a lot and it...
  2. TWX

    Nighttime Balloon Festival

    A local city had a nighttime balloon festival this evening, at a city park featuring a massive lake. Took the family along for an outing, and since we ended up having to park on the far side of the park/lake anyway, I took the opportunity to take some pictures. I would appreciate constructive...
  3. TWX

    Automotive focal length

    Was going through some pictures from a car show, I'd taken two shots of the same car at different distances to the subject and different focal lengths. First, 24mm on an APS-C sensor: Then stepping back and zooming-in to 42mm with the same APS-C sensor: I can see each having their...
  4. D

    Upgrade from nikon 18-140mm lens

    Hi, I have nikon D3200 dslr with nikon 18-140mm lens , can I get 55-300mm lens for more zoom? Will it worth or any other lens can I buy? Need it suggestions as am confused...
  5. T

    Advice needed on first zoom zens.

    ****Accidental Double post, please ignore this thread.****
  6. joshuatdlr

    New lens dilemma

    I am trying to decide what should be my next lens. I'm between the Canon 10-18 STM and the Canon 55-250 STM. I know they are very different, but i'm trying to decide which one would be more useful for travel. I currently have a 80D, 18-135, and 50 f/1.4. Which one should I get first or just be...
  7. J

    Canon DSC-H400 Newbie

    Hello everyone, looking forward to learn a lot on this site, equipment wise and photography in general. I am a newbie and have a question about camera hardware. I have a Canon dsc-h400 and I mainly take photos of wildlife. My question is on this particular camera, can you use an additional...
  8. joshuatdlr

    70-300 or 70-200L?

    I am debating whether to buy the soon to be released Canon 70-300 mm f/4-5.6 IS II USM, or the Canon 70-200 mm f/4L USM. They are nearly the same price and I am torn. I am in need of a new telephoto lens. Currently there is little information on the 70-300, but the specifications seem promising...
  9. kiwi314


    Hello all! I am looking to buy a lens with macro capability, primarily because we are expecting a baby and I want to be able to take close ups of it's lips, fingers, etc. I use a Nikon D750 (full frame) and my lenses are as follows: 28mm 1.8 G (Favorite, and probably most used.) 50mm 1.8 G...
  10. A

    Asking for photo accessory advice; visiting my girlfriend in Terrace, British Columbia in March.

    I don't get to visit my girlfriend often and I'd like to try and take some decent (or as decent as mobile phone lenses get) photos of her/us and the scenery around her town. I'll probably take some portraits of her, and some landscapes of the mountains and surrounding forestry. EDIT: I have an...