1. _P8A0438.jpg


    Sand in Trinity River bed. Dallas, TX
  2. M

    Sinner's Welcome.

    I didn't know if I should have taken it or not, I decided to take it, Any CC welcome.
  3. M

    Texas Hay Bells, under the evening sun!

    What do ya'll think? Just a couple of pictures of Texas hill county hay bells, near sunset.
  4. M

    One of my first Macro shots

    One of my first macro shots, Taken with Vivtar Series 1 105mm lens. Any CC welcomed.
  5. M

    porcelain Doll.

    Any CC appreciated, Took this with a Sony a6000 and a Sigma 30mm 2.8 lens. Slightly edited
  6. M

    Classic Ford Mustang on a sunny Day.

    Saw a Classic car I couldn't refuse to take a picture of, I used a vintage lens and didn't know if I actually got the focus right but I think I nailed it, some what edited on light room. Any CC welcomed.
  7. M

    Austin CityScape

  8. M

    My wife

    Was walking down on a Friday night downtown, trying to kill sometime and ended up find a hair salon with a mirror and figured it was very interesting to see about taking a self portrait of my wife there. She didn't feel so good, otherwise she'd be smiling but it turned out better then expected...
  9. M

    I see you.

    Captured a picture wasn't until I came home and edited that I saw her looking at me. Thought it was a nice picture.
  10. M

    Busy Downtown New Braunfels.

    Busy downtown, though it looked like a great place to stand in the middle of the median and take pictures, I think they turned out ok. Click on the jpg, have no idea why it doesn't populate.
  11. M

    Wrong way to Grow..

    Took the picture of this rose while at a local zoo I think it turned out well. I sort off enjoy the sadness of the way it grew and the way it's already withering.
  12. M

    Walking Down San Antonio Downtown.

    While walking down town San Antonio I noticed a fence full of locks, it seemed pretty awesome. This was taken with Sony A6000 at 50MM with a 18-105mm lens
  13. shadowlands

    Nikon AF-S 20mm f1.8G (test)

    I hiked up a fat mountain for this shot, testing out my Nikon AF-S 20mm 1.8G. Chisos Mountains, Texas Chisos Mountains, Texas by Darren W Brown, on Flickr