1. H

    Soligor FD Mount lens Troubleshooting

    I inherited a Soligor 35 mm F1:2 FD mount lens. I bought a Fotodiox Pro Lens Mount Adapter to make the FD mount lens fit on my Canon Rebel T7i. I got the lens to fit on the adapter and the adapter to fit on the camera and took some pictures with it. I noticed some dust spots on the pictures, so...
  2. S

    Recesky TLR - Film Advance, my problems of.

    Ahoy hoy, I have a quick and rather strange question about the Recesky TLR kit camera that I hope someone here can solve. You see for some reason my shot counter does not work properly, it just goes about halfway and stops, which is good for using the camera for experimental photography and not...
  3. Malavok

    What's going on with my D750

    Can't figure out what this is. It appears in all telephoto pictures (greater than about 100mm) but not when using my telephoto lenses with other cameras, so it has to be the body causing it. Don't see it in wide angle of mid-range shots. This is the far right 1/3 of the image, so the weird...
  4. aeparks

    Help with Pentax MG Troubleshooting

    I managed to come across my mom's Pentax MG a few days ago. I've always been interested in shooting film so I picked up some low-end film and batteries today. The camera batteries are working properly, however I can't get the shutter to fire. Earlier I couldn't get the wind lever to work...
  5. imagespeak

    Blur & Distortion Around Egdes of Images

    Hi All, I have a Nikon D90 which I've had for 6 years now. It's been around the world several times and dropped, knocked and bumped about. However, it's performance has been flawless until about a month ago when I noticed that the edge of all images was blurred. It looks as iff I've applied a...
  6. kanticoy

    Strobe troubleshooting

    I apologize if I am doing this wrong. I'm new on here and I'm trying to figure how this community works. I need some help troubleshooting my strobe light. When I turn the unit on, the light bulb flashes but when I push the test button or try to take a picture, it doesn't flash. It only...