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Sep 20, 2015
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I apologize if I am doing this wrong. I'm new on here and I'm trying to figure how this community works.

I need some help troubleshooting my strobe light. When I turn the unit on, the light bulb flashes but when I push the test button or try to take a picture, it doesn't flash. It only flashes when I turn the unit on. Does anybody have any ideas what is wrong?

I would check the fuse, make sure it's still good. You might have already done that. Sad to say, but this type of monolight does not tend to have a really long life. Replacements are in the $49-$69 price class if needed.

You do not mention HOW you are triggering the light; hard-wired PC synch cord? Optical slave? Radio trigger? Infrared trigger; the triggering mechanism/fire-command chain is one area that the problem could be in. I would try another, different method of triggering the flash unit, to see if there might be a solution.

The optical slave might be defective, or turned OFF; the PC synch outlet might have a bad connection; the master flash might not be synchronizing with the optical slave due to TTL flash issues.; CORDS can always have bad connection, and each cord has TWO ends, plus TWO connections!
Is it the the modeling light or the flash tube that's flashing when you turn it on? I'm not aware of any type of strobe that does that, so it sounds like a malfunction to me, and given the price, I would concur with Derrel - just replace them.

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