1. NGH

    Photoshop tutorials and training videos

    My wife bought be a year's subscription to Photoshop for Christmas and so just seeing if anyone has some recommendations for a good series of You Tube videos to get me into shape. I've been using LR (6) for a while and have used other photo/graphics systems before so I am not completely...
  2. Vieri

    Composition in landscape photography

    Hello everyone, how about talking about composition for a little Sunday fun? As a Fine Art landscape photographer, I consider myself an interpreter. Nature and the landscape in front of me are the score, and my photographs are my interpretations of it. Personally, I think that mastering...
  3. keythsea

    Learning Lightroom

    Are there any good books on Lightroom that I can buy to help me learn how to use it effectively?
  4. k.udhay

    High contrast drama B&W in post production - Tutorial needed

    Hi, This guy is my favourite photographer in India. I adore his street photography shots becauase they always have a story in them. His Post Production (PP) (mostly high contrast B/w with pop-out eyes of the subject) brings unmeasurable emotion in the pictures. I like to understand if this...
  5. A

    Shutter speed, ISO and Aperture Tutorial

    Hello everyone I want to share a short videotutorial about the basics of photography that I made. It's in Spanish but it has English captions as well I hope this could be useful for somebody
  6. T

    Film Look Editing Video Tutorial

    Here is new video tutorial to give your photo film look
  7. T

    New Film Look Photo Editing Tutorial

  8. James Broome Photography

    Large Ring Light DIY - Youtube tutorial

    I searched High and Low to try to find a tutorial on how to build a ring light. I could't find one anywhere so I thought I would make one myself! I'm absolutely rubbish at presenting so please go easy on me :-) I thought it might be useful for some of you guys on here who are keen diy'ers and...