1. P

    Walking Empty Streets At Changi Airport | Pandemic Outbreak Aftermath: Changi Airport Singapore Now

    Shot with a Huawel P30 Pro Walking the near empty streets at what used to be one of the world's busiest airport, Changi Airport in Singapore, amid the global health pandemic outbreak. This is what Changi Airport Singapore looks like now. Through the lens of a smartphone, the airport's final...
  2. P

    Smartphone Videography [Samsung S8 Plus] - Jewel @ Changi SINGAPORE

    Hi guys, took a short snippet using [only my Samsung S8 Plus] of the sights and sounds of SINGAPORE Changi Airport @ the tallest Indoor Waterfall in the world.. Also testing out some smartphone videography just for the fun of it, hope u enjoy it! Do LIKE | COMMENT | SUBSCRIBE and SHARE - If it...
  3. K

    Hong Kong Markets

    Hi All, Here is my newest YouTube Video, would love some feedback.
  4. A

    third party tool for Google photos video upload

    Hi , I want to upload many videos to Google photos is there any third party tool available to upload videos to my google photos account, any help will be appreciated.
  5. S

    Hello Mate!

    I am Jack Daniel, interested in wedding photgraphy and videography. No doubt, we are supposed to discuss the topics of photography here. But can any one share or want to discuss the wedding photgraphy and videography topics here? As I tolk above I am interested in the subject and want to gain...
  6. J

    Need advice at buying a new camera

    Hi, I am looking to buy a new camera, I have been struggling for the past few months on what to buy. Maybe someone can help me out. I currently own the Nikon d5100 with the 18-200mm and 50mm. It's good but im ready for something new (had it for 2 years). I mainly do photography, landscape...
  7. neil fisher

    Battling Winter's Wrath - Photos In Extreme Cold

    I wasn't sure which forum to post this in, but figured as it's a rather broad topic this forum would be best. As winter temporarily reaffirms its frigid grasp on the Northern Hemisphere, it seems like a good time to review the basics of photography in extreme cold. From cold batteries to...
  8. V

    For Sale--Glidecam HD2000

    I have a used Glidecam HD2000 with a Manfrotto 577 Rapid Connect Adapter with Sliding Mounting Plate for sale $400 OBO. I was using this in my real estate business but have since hired a professional photographer/videographer to take care of all of my listing pictures and video. Everything in...
  9. NedM

    Should I get into videography?

    Recently, I had a client ask me, "Do you do videography?" I told her I don't do videography as I have little to no experience. Also, she had seen some of my video work on my Instagram, and assumed I did videography. She told me that she was looking for a videographer for her wedding day, and...