Walking Empty Streets At Changi Airport | Pandemic Outbreak Aftermath: Changi Airport Singapore Now

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Dec 3, 2019
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Shot with a Huawel P30 Pro

Walking the near empty streets at what used to be one of the world's busiest airport, Changi Airport in Singapore, amid the global health pandemic outbreak.

This is what Changi Airport Singapore looks like now.

Through the lens of a smartphone, the airport's final operating hours - before the Circuit Breaker that "lockdown" Singapore and brought its economy to a near stand-still - was captured.

What you see is far from its glory days, as if lives and humans have disappeared at the snap of a finger.

As Singapore and the world attempt to stop the spread of the virus that has infected over 2.2 million people (at time of writing), bustling areas are replaced with scenes of empty walkways, and human activities are replaced with an air of stillness (and return of nature).

What all of us can do now is to exercise social responsibility by staying at home, practicing good hygiene, and masking up when you absolutely need to go out.

Together, we can overcome this!

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