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Need advice at buying a new camera


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Jun 6, 2017
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I am looking to buy a new camera, I have been struggling for the past few months on what to buy.
Maybe someone can help me out.
I currently own the Nikon d5100 with the 18-200mm and 50mm. It's good but im ready for something new (had it for 2 years).
I mainly do photography, landscape, portraits and night photo's.
BUT I also really like videography. I would love to have 6o fps at 1080p, to do some cinematics.
I have been looking at the Canon 6D with a 24-70mm f/4.0 lens. Mainly Canon because then I can lend lenses at school when I need to (they almost only have canon lenses). And because of the full frame.

So to sum it up :
I have about $1,000 - 2,300 to spend on a new camera.
Need 1080p - 60fps
Preferably Canon
Full frame would be nice
Good for photography
Why do you need a new camera? What do want to do that you can not do with what you have? GAS is an easily catch-able disease, however it can be controlled with a little self restraint. The newest is not always the bestest for the money.
I'm a photography noob myself but even I notice that a lot of people have some sort of misconception that having a better camera, or full frame camera, means you'll automatically start producing amazing work.

All you'd really need is a tripod to do landscape and night photo's. Obtaining a wide angle and/or low aperture lens wouldn't be a bad idea but the 18-200 is plenty wide.

The D5100 IS "good for photography". The 60FPS/1080P is probably the only thing you'd really need to upgrade for.

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