1. S

    Real Estate Photographer wanting other sources of income

    I am a Professional Real Estate Photographer and have photographed about 6000+ homes and businesses since I got started. I shoot about 5 to 8 houses per day and spend my late nights processing photos. I have tried outsourcing the processing with unsatisfactory results. I am trapped working every...
  2. M

    Print/DIGITAL for my photography business.

    Hello everyone! (sorry if I am not in the right thread) So I am in the process of opening up my a studio where I will be designing and also running my photography business. What I am struggling with is how to offer prints if I do not print onsite? I know it may sound silly, but I am lost...
  3. jessecrowdenphotography

    Come check out my New Photography Site

    This site features a variety of parks and woods in Western NY as well as the erie county fair and botanical gardens Jesse Crowden Photography