1. Two Geese

    Two Geese

    I was at the wrong end of the marsh; I would have preferred to have them coming toward me.
  2. Northern Flicker

    Northern Flicker

  3. Northern Flicker

    Northern Flicker

  4. jeffashman

    Mr Squirrel on a Walk

    This little fella posed for me on the side of the trail this past weekend. Almost like he wanted to ask a question or something. Well, OK, just one pic of the little guy for now.
  5. Kedarnag138

    Hold onto me

  6. Kedarnag138

    Family of Elephant crossing

    This was an unexpected encounter. We went into the forest in search of a tiger when we heard of a call. We were roaming aimlessly after the guide lost the tracks after about an hour or so, we heard a sound from the trees not very far from our vehicle. When we went close, following the sound we...
  7. V

    Another hummer from the porch

    Shot with Nikon D500 and Nikon 500mm PF lens, handheld. Processed in LrC and PS. Used a textured background.
  8. V

    Hummer flying in for the feeder

    Shot from the porch, Nikon D500 with a Nikon 500mm PF lens, handheld. Processed in LrC and PS.
  9. Bryan Pereira

    My Photo Safari Website

    Hi I just won photo of the year 2019 so thought i would share one of my professional websites for you to see more of my work and what I enjoy doing. Hope you like it! Exposure Tours - Photo Safaris and Workshops Bryan
  10. Bryan Pereira

    Elephants in Monochrome

    For me Elephants make the perfect monochrome subject. The texture of their skin the color almost a perfect 18% grey. Cropped this to square to put more emphasis on the the young one. Nikon D850 280mm f4 1/640 iso 2500
  11. P

    Bears and the smell of film

    I am going on an upcoming trip in the desert where I plan to photograph a community. On their visitor page they insist camera film has a strong odor that might attract bears on their property - see below. Before I pursue further, I am curious: has anyone here heard of this before? Aside from...
  12. thphoto

    my little bird collection

    This is a mix of older and current photos which I will extend irregularly. wagtail plumage care grey heron singing robin hunting heron
  13. Bryan Pereira

    leopard watching me

  14. Bryan Pereira


    My favorite of the africa big cats Nikon D850 200-400f4 at 400mm 1/160th iso 500 f4 Spent around 30 minutes with this one
  15. W

    What camera would be best?

    Hello guys, firstly sorry for my english.So, im thinking of buying something better than my two years old D3200.Adepts are : Canon 77D(500€) Nikon D5600(430€) or Nikon D7200 from second hand (+-550€) (only bodies) I'd like to photograph most often nature and some wildlife.What do you think is...
  16. Dyslexicbloke

    Flash for wildlife - Nikon body.

    Hi folks, first post... I currently have a D90 and have decided to upgrade to a D7200 I know it isn't the best but it is there best I can afford, used, and it's a big improvement on the D90, not that that is bad in the first place. I know basically nothing about flash photography, over and...
  17. Squa7ch2112

    Elk -- Valley Park, MO

    Wasn't the greatest light due to all the rain, but I walked away with a couple shots I like. Taken in Lone Elk Park, Valley Park, MO.
  18. Squa7ch2112

    Just a few in-flight shots from vacation.

    We took a trip to Daytona Beach, FL last year and I had a great time shooting all the various shorebirds and managed to grab some in-flight shots as well. It was a little precarious shooting Pelicans in waist high water with all the waves but weather sealing helped with that...now the sand was a...
  19. nerwin

    Oh Hello Mr. Dragonfly

    It's been many, many years since I've last taken a picture of a Dragonfly. A friend of mine (who is a photographer) said once you find one and it if it flies away, just wait. They always come back to the same spot. That's exactly what I did in this case and sure enough, it came back to same...