0-360 One Shot Virtual Tour Camera Lens


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Apr 29, 2009
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Listed on eBay, here is the link for more information:

0-360 One Shot Virtual Tour Camera Lens - eBay (item 110383025882 end time May-04-09 21:45:17 PDT)

Please note: this lens retails for $595.00 PLUS tax and shipping, this ends up costing you over $600.00 when you buy it direct from the manufacturer. YOU SAVE OVER $200 After performing my search, this is the #1 Virtual Tour Lens in the industry!

COPY AND PASTE THIS LINK IN A NEW BROWSER FOR MORE INFORMATION: One-Shot Virtual Tours, 360 degree panoramas! Amazing Virtual Tour lens and software.
I originally bought this from the manufacturer and my lens is gently used; in it's original carrying case and box. This is in great condition and is hundreds off what it is currently being sold for. I only used this lens twice. Your gain, my loss.

Introducing The 0-360 Panoramic Optic™! 360 degree panorama Virtual Tours made easy, with Just One Click™ The 0-360 One-Click Panoramic Optic™ is a specially designed camera panorama lens attachment, with an exclusive optical reflector which captures an entire 360 degree panoramic virtual tour with a single shot (no more stitching of multiple photos!). With the 0-360, you can capture an entire panorama (115 x 360 degree field of view) with one photo. In fact, the 0-360 Panoramic Optic has the highest field of view of any one-shot virtual tour lens system on the market. And our free* software makes it easy to publish your image as a virtual tour on your web site. The fast and easy way to take one shot virtual tours and panoramas!

  • *Full 360° Horizontal Field of View
  • *Incredible 115° Vertical Field of View (+52.5°, -62.5°)
  • *Built-in Bubble Level
  • *Precision Reflector
  • *Glass, with Front-Surface Aluminum Optical Coating
  • *Quartz Protective Coating for enhanced durability
  • *Proprietary Shape derived through extensive research
  • *All Glass Optics (no plastic)
  • *All Aluminum Hardware (no plastic, except lightweight protective cap)
  • *Hard Shell Protective Carrying Case included
  • *Your logo on viewer
  • *Viewer with pull-down menu and text descriptions
  • *FREE Virtual Tour Software, and Incredible Tech Support!
  • *Fits a wide variety of cameras

SYSTEM The 0-360 Panoramic Optic™ is a specially designed lens attachment, with an exclusive optical reflector which captures an entire 360 degree panorama with a single shot (no more stitching!). The attachment is designed for use with cameras which have threaded lens attachment capabilities. We have standard sizes to fit many camera makes and models.
RECOMMENDED If you are searching for a digital camera for taking 360 degree panoramic virtual tours, we recommend one of the better 5 megapixel+ cameras. Get one with an articulating LCD screen, so it can be easily set up on a tripod with the lens vertical, while still having its LCD display visible. A 5 megapixel resolution is more than adequate for most web based panoramas.
Of current models, our picks are the Canon Powershot G10, G9 and A650 IS (12 megapixels).
THREADS The 0-360 Panoramic Optic comes in 9 different models, as we tune the lengths and thread sizes to the various cameras. Currently, the Optic is available with any one of the following thread sizes:
28mm, 43mm, 52mm, 58mm, 62mm
Using inexpensive thread adapters, the Optic can be fitted to almost any other filter thread size.
Compatibility with an SLR camera depends entirely on the lens used, as SLR cameras have interchangeable lenses. The simplest solution is to use the Optic with the following: A good lens, with good depth of field at close distance, and a zoom that travels through 45-55mm. (e.g. 18-55mm, 28-70mm, 28-105mm lenses go through this range) A close-up diopter (~$25-$30), may be needed to allow your lens to focus more closely. (Many SLR lenses cannot focus closer than 0.5m/1.6ft). A stepping ring (~$8) may be needed to match the filter threads on your lens to the Optic. The Optic can come with 52mm, 58mm, or 62mm threads.
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can you please a post what the picture looks like after it is taken, before you turn it into 360?
Here are 2 pictures taken with the 0-360 lens. The software to make it a "virtual tour" is actually on the manufacturers website. You can download it yourself and load in these 2 pictures to see the outcome. Here is the link:

0-360.com Virtual Tour Software

i wanted the image the lens takes, as in the circle image. but i found a sample image online. thanks anyway.
Let me know if you or someone you know have an interest in purchasing my lens. It is a great lens and very easy to use.
The above reply by joshua24g is false and malicious. It appears to have been posted by an unscrupulous competitor. Keep this in mind when choosing a supplier for your panoramic equipment.

The 0-360 Panoramic Optic does not infringe on any patent, and our competitors know that. While they do not know our advanced formula, they have compared our optics to theirs, and confirmed in their own forum that they are different. That is how we get a higher field of view.

We have temporarily lowered our pricing to $495, which makes the 0-360 Panoramic Optic the obvious choice. Yes, you CAN get better quality and lower pricing, and deal with an honest firm.

One-Shot Virtual Tours, 360 degree panoramas! Amazing Virtual Tour lens and software.

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