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Jun 12, 2010
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what are the problems with this shot?

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The blown out portion of the branch are a little distracting. I do like this image though, beautiful animal.
The blown out area of the branch is a bit of a distraction. Otherwise, a nice composition. That's a lot of beak to get in focus along with the eye. Nice shot.
I guess I'll chime in on the branch too...but not terribly distracting when the rest of the picture is beautiful.

Great capture.
Myself I don't find the over exposed branch he's sitting on to bad, the the bright spot under his beak does it for me. That brown ??branch?? in the right of the frame is a little out of place, but I'm sure there was nothing that could have been done about that.
I was just goofing around. I think your photo is nice.
I wanted to see what the colors of the bird really look like without as much saturation.

What was your ISO at for these two? It looks to be quite high..

For some odd reason, despite the blown out portion of the branch, the rest almost looks a tad underexposed. The second almost looks washed out.. These have potential, however. Keep shooting. :thumbsup:


Edit: Heres my rendition.

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was at 800 iso. f/5.6, 1/60, yeah I usually try not to go above 400 but I just had to do it in that case. Them cheap DSLR's have terrible ISO quality..

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