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Aug 17, 2010
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Dallas, TX
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I'm signing up for photography classes tomorrow, but I'm unsure of which one I should take, both are for the beginner.

#1 - Digital Photography - This course will engage various topics ranging from exposure to pre-visualization. Class discussion will focus on specifics of camera mechanics to create personally satisfying images.

#2 - Advanced Topics in Digital Photography (Exposure) - Ready to learn the relationship between shutter speed and aperture? This workshop style forum will provide the capacity to effectively create specific renderings of shadows, highlights and colour saturation.

I'm unsure of which one to sign up for. I've read my the manual that came with my camera from front to back at least twice, I think I have an understanding of how my camera works. I own and am reading "Understanding Exposure" by Bryan Peterson - I believe that I'm "getting it". I'm shooting about 75% of my images in manual (M). I'm thinking that class #2 might be more worth my time since it's more a workshop style. Thoughts?

It's not about the money as both classes are under $200, I just don't want to find myself sitting in a class and thinking that I either under estimated myself or I got myself in over my head and feel lost.[ame=""][/ame]
Personally, I wouldnt take any of it. Last time I took a class, it was a complete waste of time. I learned more from reading this forum, reading books, going to different websites, and youtube. Go on Craigslist and find a local photographer gathering or start your own. Go to museum, zoo, botanical garden together.
Since you mention the money is not an issue, based on your comments, I would try #2.
One of the additional benefits will be the networking that you may be able to take advantage of. I cannot see how working/networking with others would not be beneficial.
I think the 2nd one would be better as well... Also, if you are looking for local photography groups, is a solid website to find them. You just go on there, put in your zip code and your interest, and all of the current groups in your area pop up... join a group, and attend regular get togethers. You would be amazed what you can learn from people around you.
I would also ask why take any. You do learn just as much, probably a whole lot more, online. However, if you like both, why not take both?

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