10 things you should never say to a photographer

Not to mention, "I'm going to get all the pictures on a disc, right?"
Shortly after I got the D7000 I had someone ask me "Why did you get one of these old things? The newer cameras out today are so small they fit into your pocket!" I guess I just need to get with the times. :lol:

I have also had someone tell me "You'd think with a camera like that you could get everything in focus" (no blurry background)
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i think they missed out on one.

"I have the same camera body and the same lens as you do . Why cant i take as good pictures as you ? i must have faulty equipment."
I had my 24-105 with lens hood on the camera. Comment was "you must be able to do alot of zooming with that"...
"You can earn a degree to snap a button?" A family member said this to me when I graduated with my photo degree. Grrrrr!!

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