127 film negatives - need to scan -> Epson 4490 or Canon 8800f ?

127 film negative scans - Epson 4490 or Canon 8800f ?

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Dec 30, 2007
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I have a bunch of Family photos, and also a lot of negatives - the negatives I have found out are the 127 roll film format. I've been tasked by the Family to archive these into digital format so everyone can have copies...

Please forgive my Beginner questions.....I appreciate any help and advice.

I currently have a Primefilm 1800u filmscanner and a Epson perfection 3590 photo flatbed.
The problem is that both of these will ONLY do scanning of 35mm film negatives !! They will not do medium format negatives !

I've done some searching and research here, and also checking on-line stores and vendors to see what is available.

I can't afford a epson V700 at $550...

Seems like my choice of what I can find available currently at on-line stores is a choice between the Epson 4490 for $179, and the Canon 8800f at $199.

Will either or both of these do the medium format 127 type film negatives ( B&W and Color) ( I assume I will have to construct a film holder). ???

Should I also get the VUE software, >> or is there a better or alternative software ( I've read about Digital ICE ?)

Thanks so much for the help !

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