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1st atempt concert photos (part 2)


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Jan 10, 2006
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Here are a few of Miranda Lambert and Tracy Lawernce. Was a great concert.

Thanks for looking!!

1. Miranda Lambert

2. This one is a tad blurry and yeah there are a few heads in there too. Best I could get at the time.

3. Tracy Lawernce


Thanks again for looking.
Not bad at all!
I'm trying to figure out shooting this same type of lighting and am having no luck. Did you shoot these by hand or were you able to setup a tripod?
Thanks, I did these by hand. Our Civic Center where the concert was located had cement floors and then had those aluminum things on that and when everyone got to tappin' the toes and stompin' the feet. Steady shots were not easy to come by. So I got the best I could get. It was alot of fun to play around with.

I got some really great tips from Ray Barlow. He told me about Neat Image and it is really awesome. You can bump your ISO up to 800 -1600 and use Neat Image to clean up the noise. It is awesome. They have a trial version and a purchase version also.

Try all in full manual mode, set the aperture wide open for all the shots, and play around with the shutter speed (range from 1/10 i went up to 1/100). It was fun to play around with. I wish I had a monopod for something like this. Concerts are not much room for tripods, esp. with people wanting in and outta the seats. We were on the end, but lots of traffic in and out of the row.

Thanks and good luck if you give it a try. :D
good work. these low light situations coupled with hand held technique is a bear...you did well!
Thanks JonMikal....really appreciate that.

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