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Jun 7, 2006
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I found an old polaroid (you know the ones that develope within a minute of taking the picture) and I started to take pictures with it. One of my close relatives saw some potential in some of the pictures and promised if I passed my courses in school this year she would buy me a digital camera. As the school year comes close to an end, I am getting ready to learn about different cameras and go 'comparison shopping'. I am not new to the digital camera realm, I use them all the time. My struggle is I want one with manual settings like adjustable shutter speeds and such. I do not really know that much about manual settings either.

If anyone can help me with the following it would be appriciated:
-- A decent camera with manual settings
-- The ideal manual settings for a digital camera/how each setting effects the photo (unless its different for each one)
-- Any tips or anything you wouldn't mind sharing would be helpful

By the way, first post.

Thank you in advanced,
Welcome to the forum.

There are plenty of digital cameras with manual settings. Check www.dpreview.com for specs on just about any digital camera.

Manual settings are pretty much the same for any camera...film or digital...at least in terms of exposure. You have shutter speed, aperture and medium sensitivity (ISO setting). There is no "ideal' setting...

Do some web searching or get some books from the library....look for basic photography and/or basic exposure. The basics are the same for either digital or film...so older books are good too.

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