1st photo in a long time..plzz C&C


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Jan 31, 2009
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Please C&C.

What i have noticed is
1) The subject is centered but I guess it works this time.
2) Some points are blown out like at the top of head and some part in the legs too
3) Exposure looks good to me but please C&C on that
4) How is the composition and the focus. (Focus looks good to me ..in the eye as supposed to be but it could be just me).

Would love to have comments & critique or what could have been done better
I disagree, I do not believe this is a subject that is enhanced by centering it..

Here is my mind's-eye view of this photo:

EDIT DETAILS: Cropped it, burned the blown highlights, dodged the midtones in the eyes to bring them out a bit...and added a hi-filter-pass to bring definition, then brought the filter layer's opacity down so it wasn't so gawdy looking...
@drex I like your edit..but I like the colors in mine better cos they are more like what the cat had...
any comments on the focusing part??

I still dont understand the point that why centering does not work for this photo..When I look at the photo i do feel the intensity of the cat...

How would you have taken the photo?
I guess I would have attempted to place the cat at the top of the frame with the curb leading to it...sorry about the oversaturated edit...I thought, because it was slightly overexposed, the color was actually darker than the photo would suggest...

On second thought, it is your photo and I do see what you mean by the cat having an "intensity" when it is centered...
I would definitely crop off a substantial part of the top space on the original photo...that curb leading out of the frame pulls the eye away from the cat,and cropping off some of the leading line will help keep more emphasis on the foreground subject. The original photo looks over-exposed as well. Maybe a bit of careful adjustment could remedy that.
I'm no Photoshop Wizard (in fact I can barely draw a line or adjust contrast in Photoshop...), but here's my attempt at an edit.


And here's one a 'bit' smoother.

Rule of Thirds! Wheeee!


While you may look at the whole subject as being centered, the subject is composed of lines and parts that are actually following the rule of thirds.
This forum doesn't make me laugh very often, but I absolutely rolled laughing at that one Drex!


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