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2 pictures for a project


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Jul 1, 2009
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cornelius, NC
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the project im working on for my photography certificate is that they want a picture of a local landmark for a brochure cover and these are the best 2 i can get with the lens i have since i have no wide angle lens


im thinking the top one if i get it straightened out a bit before i submit this photo, if anyone can C&C please do
I'm not feeling that road in #2 so I would say the first one with a bit of cropping would suffice. Really depends on what you're going for though. My eye gets directed more towards the town hall sign in the first one which is what I figured you're taking the picture for.
Hmmm... I would suggest a reshoot if at all possible (even if it's first thing tomorrow morning). I think you're close with #1, but not quite there. The centre of the building (Pillars and peak) is interesting, but the wings seem like boring old brick building to me. I would try a position farther image right so that the tree blocking the left-most pillar isn't affecting things. I would alos make sure that you're camera is level and square, and probably elevated. Shooting from the top of a step-ladder might help you considerably. Try and find a better sky; a few puffy, white clouds with lots of blue sky is what you want (remember the golden light of early morning/late evening) and wait until there's a breeze to blow the flags out somewhat. Definitely use a polarizing filter on this shoot.
the only problem as far as trees go is that any angle i take a shot of this building theres either trees blocking the whole front or just that one that you see in picture number 1 and 2 blocking that left pillar, and trying to time the exposure so theres no cars in the shot is a project in itself.

so straighten it out, try to get an angle without that tree in the middle and try to get wavy flags, and ill have to look out for a polarizing filter and find someone to borrow a wide angle lens if at all possible
heres the project outline by the way so you get an idea what i have to go for here

"Your first client, John Boyle, assistant director of the local Chamber of Commerce, is designing a business "booster" brochure. For the cover, he needs a strong photograph of a prominent public building or city landmark in your area. When you choose this multistory building or city landmark for this project, be sure to choose one that's used by the public and has interesting features."

and i have to emphasize the use of natural light too, which i was going for a more afternoon sun high int he sky kind of thing with some clouds after last nights rainfall
if you're talking about a brochure then you likely don't want a photograph like this anyway. brochure size means the photo will be to small to retain any interesting detail (i.e. the columns/architecture here)

i suggest getting in close, taking some interesting angle of the columns maybe some finer brick work and going for more of a composite image than one overall photo of the facade. i think that with 2-3 photographs partially overlaid you can present the theme and feeling of the building without a boring external shot. from what you said this wouldn't be outside the limits of the assignment and would bring a lot more character into your work.
These need to be reshot, i'm not sure what you were thinking of when you set your camera, taken at noon (worst time of the day) F3.5 1/4000 iso400 spot metered that is a definite FAIL Sorry, you need to be shooting when the sun is low not high then the light cast shadows and outline features in the building
i understnad what yo said about the layout of a brochure and i was thinking the same thing, but the only problem is that in the lesson books it all says that if your shooting a building you gotta have the whole building in the shot, and i wanted to do that so i didnt get a lower grade than a composite shot, i guess i can always take the shot vertical instead of horizontal

nevermind, i wouldnt be able to take it vertical, i can submit the picture vertical

also forgot to mention that they need to be submitted as a 5x7, so that kind of doesnt go along with a brochure layout
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