2300cc Bike!


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Sep 20, 2015
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There are a couple of issues I see here: (1) You've cropped off the rear fender and right handlebar which contributes to a 'messy' look and gives the impression you weren't paying attention to your composition; and (2) a 3/4 rear profile is less interesting than a front 3/4 profile. I
Thanks for the good inputs !

I was trying to capture the engine and the shape of the exhaust as the key subject in the pic. Need to think of different composition for it ...

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Cool bike! I bet it sounded pretty deep with that large exhaust pipe!
Was this using an iPhone camera? Just curious, because it looks very "Instagram"
Was indeed on iPhone camera with some edits using SnapSeed (which is an awesome quick pic editor)!!

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The infamous Triumph Rocket III.

I had a friend who owned one for a couple years. It was an absolute beast of a motorcycle. He had the classic version which had the highest horsepower and torque of the entire Rocket III line for that year (150HP-163 ft/lbs torque). I remember these numbers quite well as my 2006 Ford Fusion has virtually the same amount of power and is actually the same displacement except for the fact that the engine in my car uses four cylinders to achieve that displacement rather than three.

With just him on it he had to be very gentle with the throttle in first and second. If he whacked it too hard either the tire broke traction or it hooked up and started lifting the front wheel.

Cool bike! I bet it sounded pretty deep with that large exhaust pipe!

My friend had a fairly large diameter free flowing exhaust on his. It doesn't make as deep a rumble like a Harley V-Twin would with a large diameter pipe. With it being three cylinder it actually sounds a bit like a 1960-70's Porsche air-cooled flat six.

Here's a couple of shots I did playing around in my front yard one day when he came by to visit.



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