24!!!!!!! (spoilers inside)


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Aug 10, 2005
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Tony Almeida is BACK!!! AND HE'S ****ED!!!!

Kim looks a little hotter with the longer hair. Still a blond though.

And the fat guy dies!!!

COMPLETELY Satisfied with tonights TWO episodes.

Bring on next week. By which time I will FINALLY have CABLE!!!!!

[rant]Bace, I'm gonna kill you.....
I never wondered what all the intrigue with 24 was until you...and now I'm hooked. 3 seasons in 3 weeks...I have no life anymore
24 is the best show on television. period.

and on a sidenote, what's with the hate on the overweight, Bace? and don't gimme the "oh don't be so pc" argument. "fat" is a derogatory term generalizing people with a certain physical trait, not a harmless adjective. choose your words more carefully, you may severely offend someone.
Next time I'll choose my words more carefully.

How about pleasantly plump?
Would that be possible that they play the episodes in the morning too? casue i saw two of them yesterday around 9am.
But since i never saw 24 before, i could barely understand what's going on and it was all over the place... so i switched.
(oh yeah, who's this guy that's watching jack and why did he (jack) kill that girl from the office?)
Alex, that's probably old seasons. A&E usually does re-runs of consecutive episodes. From your discription I don't even konw what season that is.
aye, you're probably right... that was when jack's daughter and wife got kidnapped... and there was no "pleasantly plump" guy.
Yeah, that was season one.

Still haven't watched that season.
Holy ****! I just finished watching those two episodes, and wow were they good! Jack shoots a lady in the leg, people are shot in the head, stabbed in the neck, and all of ctu is shut down due to sarin gas. It was really sad that Edgar died :( now him and chloe never get to have social akward babies.

Oh and bace, watch season one. NOW!
kelox said:
Just saw a commercial for 24 the video game. Bace you gotta get this.

Is it available for PS2? Cause that's all I got.
I totally need to mod my PS2 and rip this!!!

Thanks for the link. My friends with xbizzle are gonna be jealous.

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