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Sep 17, 2017
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Vancouver, BC, is a great place to pick a skate trip. But just make certain that you simply mix your t's along with your i's before attempting to go into the country because it is rather inside the easiest response to complete. what size of skateboard should i get

The crew was produced by searching at rap sheets and checking who'd formerly been furthermore to who'd formerly been dirty.

A couple of riders were traveled in from Europe for the mission along with rest were acquired from La. Everybody got through customs except the Kr3w TM, Brownie. The border agents found some contraband crumbs inside the luggage, 5,000 dollars in cash along with a story that proven up in this area somewhat fishy on their own account. Yearly five hrs inside the interrogation room, getting strip looked generally degraded, he was told to go to home next flight to LA. On the way back, he checked the guidelines regarding entering the nation and recognized the money he was transporting wasn't within the limit.

Plus numerous weed crumbs? Whatever--that stuff's practically legal in BC. Brownie proven in LA and hopped back on another flight to Vancouver. He was immediately identified by the agents, interrogated again, stripped and rubber-gloved two occasions within 24 hrs. A glutton for punishment some might say. However a great team captain is much more be grateful! Anything, don't abandon the ship. Brownie was finally removed to go in Vancouver along with trip was on.

We discovered this skateable reservoir inside the forest together with to take a look. We hopped a couple of fences, wishing to not get trespassing tickets while using the Canadian Rangers, but got using this epic place. There are numerous options for this concrete maze. Tom began damming in water so he could snap this ollie for your steep bank prior to the sun dropped. Take only photographs leave only wheelmarks

About midway when using the trip we'd already examined the majority of the spots within the city. Kirby was getting burnt and decided to take a look at some local Vancouver videos for inspiration. He sprang constantly Demon video and saw a business to rail in Spaceman's part that caught his eye. Every day, we experienced Spaceman inside the skatepark but Kirby did not need to question in which the place was. He were not needed to function as dude one-up him on his video ender. Fortunately, among the other dudes was lacking problem asking him in which the place was and Spaceman graciously proven us where it had been. Spaceman rips! (Kirby ain't too shabby either)


The place Canadians have hammered out the majority of the spots around Vancouver. Everywhere we went it had been, like, "Machnau shut the therapy lamp lower. Cameo hit that. The Decenzos destroyed that. Moses Itkonen 180 nosegrinded that 12 formerly in financial trouble Dragons vid--" We'd team rider Spencer Hamilton as our tour guide with regards to this trip, but he was by helping cover their an unhealthy back. He hit the therapy lamp formerly and thought we may have something using this. "Has anybody done a wallride for your bank?" AJ requested. "Not so I am aware of," Spencer responded. best complete skateboards

AJ needed they enjoy a "no" and jammed inside the possible NBD. (When it becomes an ABD, ensure that's stays to yourself)


Inside the mile in your own home we rented was the infamous Hastings Skatepark, that's built because of massive community park.

Everyday we discussed going there to warm-up and skate the big concrete bowl. Unsure why we never got, though. The nearest we've got was this handrail that was about 200 yards within the bowl within the same park. Maybe vert is really dead


We spotted this Jersey barrier while driving in a single to a different. It looked to great really was. When the crew began navigating around it, they recognized it had been. The floor was super rugged along with run-up might be a ongoing fight. The Frenchman, however, isn't anybody to surrender. Victoire!


Boo proven up for the trip obtaining a ****ed-up groin. Much like he thought he was ready, he slammed neighborhood starting to warm-up which set him back a couple of days. Once he was ready he handled this extended-ass rail since the security pads were calling the cops. He folded away and then we hopped within the van to create tracks like the pigs were pulling up. Maybe the next time, Canadian bacon


The College of British Columbia's campus generally is a village. You will find spots littered throughout it, and dodging the campus police generally is a bet on cat and mouse. The rail individuals selected over skate was knobbed, but we found this rail-to-drop right alongside it. Kirby felt it while using the ollie along with 180 was sent! The rodents won this round


We opened up track of this jewel determined it'd chains placed on it skate stoppers. We did not need to secure work and ruin it persons going there, but we'd the chains were connected to the rail with basics. Vice grips should have well-loved aftereffect of charge of bolts.

A couple of people hopped within the van to look at some lower and spotted a dude contained in his garage a couple of blocks away. I acquired out and requested him once we could borrow some vice grips. He agreed--obtaining a 40-dollar deposit. He then requested whatever you needed them for i described i used to be inside the skate trip and selected over eliminate some skate stoppers.

He rummaged by permitting a classic box and introduced out a classic '80s Hosoi complete he experienced in ride best complete skateboard. It had been pretty awesome. I believed he'd impart us with back the Forty Dollars after learning that folks were skaters, but he wasn't that awesome
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If I do switch to Nikon D800 then which are the essential lenses I must get first?
What is your main photography interest? How's the ol' budget? Do you plan to sell the Canon gear? Remember that the lenses have a lot to do with the quality of the image, which is one reason (some certain) Nikon lenses command a higher price. Can you do with used gear? The price of used is around half of new.
you have a good camera and a very nice selection of lenses. seems kinda cost prohibitive to switch brands now.
I would assume that if your using your current lenses, then you would have to get those same ones in Nikon, if you switched.
i believe all of those are available in Nikon, or at least really really close.
Image quality isn't about cameras and lenses and specifications. It is about photographers.
To be honest, I am definitely no expert, although the big thing is what you're main photographic focus is: landscapes, portraits, or macro. Like me, if may be a combination of these, so my thought is look for lenses that are good in low light, if needed, and then cover a range of focal lengths that your used to. For portraits I might get a prime lens of say 85mm to 120mm with a low aperture number, like f2.8, f1.8 or f1.4. The lower f-stop lenses give more blur and Bokeh. Getting the range you're used to may be more difficult to replace the 150-500mm lens, so in this instance you might want to get an adapter for NIkon to Canon lens. This will save you a bundle.

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Well, the higher end camera's from Nikon and Canon is a different story than entry level and mid level cameras. Nikon has a clear advantage in the lower / mid priced cameras. Not including the very top end models and the new D850. The D810/D800 and Canon 6D and 5Dmk iv's are very close in performance. Especially the D810 / 5Dmk iv! When the D810/D800 has an advantge it is in the lower ISO ranges. By mid ISO the advantage is gone and moving towards Canon being stronger.

Your not heavilly invested in real expensive Canon glass. But, I think maybe you should think of just moving up in Canon from your 6D to the 5D mkIV. Between the 2 - the 5Dmk iv is a full bit better in color, 1 1/2 stops better dynamic range, and better ISO performance with the larger 31mp sensor.

Now here's the kicker. Pentax K-1 is actually the better performer of all the cameras above! And it's the least expensive one by a mile, and has the least expensive lenses (same price as Sigma or Tamrons)! The K-1 actually better in all departments leading nearly the entire ISO range. The only one where it moves to lower is dynamic range above 800 ISO. But it doesn't dive, it just goes lower than the 5Dmk iv. But color, ISO, tonal it's the winner. But, you only have Pentax lenses for option. But you have their entire history of K mounts to use. But Sigma nor Tamron make Pentax mount full frame lenses.
Image quality isn't about cameras and lenses and specifications. It is about photographers.
I don't know. The image quality seems to be better with my Fujifilm. Granted, they work similar to a film camera which helps me but at the end of the day, color rendering and micro contrast seemed to take a big leap for me. Not that I am getting better but more so that the Fujifilm hardware makes it easier to obtain image rendering quality.
Have you stopped to consider that your skills have improved? Do you honestly think you can shoot the same subject with a Nikon and a Fuji and not get great image quality with either one? Are you becoming a Fuji fan boy? ;)
I dunno. It's easy to throw away a few thousand for a tiny gear upgrade with little to no actual improvement in photos
Nikon lenses are more expensive ?
Please, you serious ?
They are about the same prices as Canon.

Nikon does have better sensors, if I was a Canon shooter I am not sure I would be jumping to Nikon only due to this fact, but then I am a Nikon user so its always nice to have a convert.
True magic is the photographer and Canon camera are very good and shouldn't limit you.
One this that I find infuriating about Canon is their lack of innovating, they have the ability and knowledge but due to their mentality of protecting upper cameras they always cripple their cameras intentially.
The 6DII has no 4K and a rather poor performing sensor.
5DIV has unusable 4K
But again while I don't appreciate this at Canon I still admit they still make good cameras, not class leading in any stretch of the imagination but good solid cameras.

Of course if you can afford the new Nikon D850.......well that's just might be really worth the move to Nikon, this camera is just AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!
you have a good camera and a very nice selection of lenses. seems kinda cost prohibitive to switch brands now.
I would assume that if your using your current lenses, then you would have to get those same ones in Nikon, if you switched.
i believe all of those are available in Nikon, or at least really really close.
I am a true Nikon fan and although my D5000 body is a little out of date, I have never had an issue with it. As for lenses I use Nikkor lenses. They provide you with a professional photo and are what you should invest in. These lenses are sometimes more expensive but if you break down what you really like to shoot its a lense you won't need to replace (within reason). I started with a baseline set of lenses that comes in a normal kit. So if I were you I'd check out what's available in current kits and that will give you a solid baseline if your a general photographer. Once you know what you really want then invest in Nikkor Nikkor Lenses vs. Nikon Lenses |
You won't regret it!!! I also recommend picking up a couple different filters. The reason being is to protect the lenses. You can get a range of filters but.... Let's say your outside and at the beach with any type of filter even clear the sand can fit it. The filter is alot cheaper to replace then the lenses. I also recommend you pick up an actual padded case not a sling bag. These lenses are precious and protecting them is important no matter what lense it is. As for the bag DO NOT get something that has the camera name on it! Your advertising to thiefs..... so a plain black or color that looks like a suitcase or backpack is alot safer. I have a black camera suitcase that I can take on a plane so its never out of my sight. I also recommend a harness to wear your camera and lenses that you think you will need cuts down on shaking and swinging of camera/lenses and potential damage. Good luck!

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Hey it's your money.
Get the D850 then.
Headsup..the 24-70 and 70-200 are expensive...bring lots of money :D
and welcome to the club.

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