2nd week with Nikon D40

Sorry, but none of those pictures really do much for me.

To imbed a picture into your post from Flickr. Go to the picture you want to use from Flickr and click on "All Sizes" (above your picture). Select the size you want to display and then look below the picture for the #2 box that says "Grab the photo's URL:". Highlight to select it and then right click the selection and hit Cut (or Copy). Now go back to the TPF (The Photo Forum) post you want to imbed the image in. Click on the yellow icon above the message box (the one that looks like a mini-landscape). In the box that pops up, paste the URL in box (make sure you only have 1 "http://" in the URL line before you hit the Ok button). Hit the Ok button. Click on the "Preview Post" button to see if your picture is imbedded in the post.
I have to agree with Samanax, none are spectacular. From a purely technical point of view, they are marginal, never perfectly exposed or focused.
I had just turned 16 when I got my D40 last year May and had no training in photography I only read a lot of theory in the month leading up to getting it and my last camera before it was a Fuji 3m.p back in 2002 that i stopped using in 2004. But through reading a lot of theory, even more trial and error and help from this forum it get easier to take decent photos (not implying yours are bad)
The angles at which you take your photos are interesting

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