3 morning views from Whitehead, Northern Ireland


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Feb 3, 2007
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Quite a nice dawn through sunrise this morning from Whitehead looking over the bay at Blackhead lighthouse. Thanks for looking.



#3 is my favorite.. that's a gorgeous shot. Still kind of cracking up over #1. :)
Really like the color on them all but especially the second one.
Great shots. I am off to northern Ireland in 2 weeks so hope i can get some shots like this!
Thanks for the comments. Weather this week Daniel has been hitting 28 on average and set to stay for a week or so yet. You should be here for the marching and riots this weekend ;)
Very Nice Composition, No.1 is the best, but i think there is color casting in No.2 & 3. what type of filter did you used, which brand ?
LOL, it doesn't matter what your foreground is, as long as it's there! The green and purple compliments each other very nicely.
Very nice. What was your exposure for each shot?
Very nice. What was your exposure for each shot?

1: was 51 seconds
2: was 0.6 seconds
3: was 0.3 seseconds I had also used a mauve soft grad slot in filter for shot 3 and a combo of mauve soft grad, blue hard grad and 0.9 ND grad for shot 2.

Shot 1 had no filters used, completely natural.
thanks for the comments again!
The second photo is my favorite because of the captivating natural light.

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