3 of my favorites, could I get some some C & C please.

Number one is my favorite, I really like that one :D
Number 2 looks like missed focus. But I like the overall look.
Number three just doesnt do anything for me. I would have liked to have seen the entire bike from floor to handle bars.
Pretty good shots if you ask me. #1 is my favorite & #3 if it had a different crop or shot angle it would be real bad a$$
They're all quite nice.

#1 I'm not sure about the string of lights lower right. I think it wants SOMETHING down there, something else in the frame than the main string of lights, but I'm not sure that's the right thing.

#2 is a lovely frame all around. Just beautiful. Nice breadth of tone from light to dark, nice translucent shadows. Lovely subject. Perhaps a hair on the busy side, overall. A large print would handle that nicely, I think.

#3 is quite busy, and I'm not sure you have the focus in the best place. I kind of dig the .. are those exhaust pipes? just behind the plane of focus. In general I think a little more DoF would have helped. I think also going a little tighter would help this, get rid of the smily face and whatever it is upper left. It's still got a lot of appeal, but I think it's perhaps the weakest of the three.

Overall these seem to be mostly decorative, and there's nothing wrong with that. But, still, they don't evoke much mood or emotion from me. They're just nice to look at.
I agree with most comments, and (No 1) I would have definitely removed that orange wire in the lower right corner.
Well I have only been doing this a short while, so I will take those compliments and say thank you. Good info me, I appreciate the help.
I really would like to know, in your view, why these are favoured ?

Always good to know what you see in these images (as we all have our own opinions of what a great image looks like).
I like the first one because of its sharpness, it was one of my first long exposure pictures. I took late in the evening, and it actually came out like I wanted it too. The second is a picture of one the bushes in front of my house right after a spring shower. The color tone and reflections in the water drops look great. Over all I love nature photos. The third I look at it and see speed, the colors are great to look at but I ride motorcycles, and love the look of the angle and the depth.
Great to hear your input, we do not hear much about what the photographer thinks about their own images.

I would crop out that rope in the lower right in the first image.
Second image looks a little sharp or the focus is a little off.
The motorcycle shot also needs some cropping to concentrate on the bike.

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