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Jan 31, 2007
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After seeing this post I decided to try out my own trampy at 30 look. :lol:

So I put on what felt like an inch of makeup - it didn't end up being enough much mostly because I overestimated what the camera would show and partly because I don't wear much makeup and I felt super trampy as it was.
... Anyway this picture ended up being my favorite - I slipped as I was running back to my spot (I don't have a remote) and just finished laughing at myself before the shutter clicked.


30 ... wow, how I sometimes wish I were still that young ...! Wonderful! (Though being 30 was a tough year for me - first my husband had a plane crash, and shortly before I turned 31, my first-born son died ... So maybe being 29 would be desirable ... that was when my second son was born and I was still really young, and slim, even after my son had been born, and everything was just ... well ... WELL).
Whoa. That's smokin-
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if I could have another go at 40 I'd be over the moon, you look more like a teenager to me than 30 so not bothering with the make up must be good for you. H
:blushing: Thanks all...
I just realized I put this in the wrong area I was aiming for the "just for fun" section, gah! my head has been in such a fog (stupid cold).

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