300 F2.8 or 400 F2.8


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Jun 24, 2013
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85% of the time i am doing action shots and a few birds.i get on the side lines and all that for the high schools.lighting is not very good.this would be used with a D3s for football,softball,baseball,rodeo and birds.i do have a 70-200 with a 1.4 teleconverter.i also have a D7000.i know the 400 is heavy.sorry put this in wrong place.
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200-400mm f/4. Use your D3s, bump the ISO as needed. If you're above ISO 6400 and printing bigger than 8x10, some NR will likely be necessary.

Forget about your D7k with any supertelephoto lens. Its AF drive motor has a hard time with the big boys (accurate focus takes forever compared to the D3/4-series bodies) and that makes it pretty well unusable for sports.
If you're shooting all that stuff and it is all high school, then I think the 300 is the way to go, particularly if you have a 1.4. A 400 from the sidelines is going to be too long for baseball, softball, and likely rodeo. (If it is a big high school and sitting in the stands can get you above the fence, then a 400 may work) also, if you're considering a new 400, and you can swing it, I also think the new 200-400 is a great option.

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