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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by PhotoPig, Nov 10, 2004.

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    Sup all-

    I am an amateur photographer, and have the 300D. I am totally satisfied with the 300D. If a bag of money fell from the sky, however, I would run out and purchase the 20D, because of the 8mp and the 5 fps burst.
    What Im wondering is how much do you guys think that the 300D is going to hold its value over say the next year or so. I see on eBay, etc that used 300D's (kits) are in the range of 550-675 USD range. Im concerned of depreciation, do mainly to the fact that all the big camera competition is flooding the market with comparable items, and especially the addition of the 20D to the Canon lineup.
    I guess what Im concerned is --- is this camera only going to be worth 300 USD next year you think? Should I try to unload it now while there is some value to be had?
    Like I stated above, I really like the camera......could any of the camera hacks increase the fps on the 300D?

    Thanks people,

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    No the hack will not increase the FPS of the 300D.

    My question is this...why are you so worried about the resale value of your 300D? You seem to be satisfied with it, so why not keep it?

    There will always be a newer & better model to lust over but that does not mean your 300D will be any less satisfying.

    Digital cameras are better thought of as tools rather than investments. Don't think of how much you paid vs how much you can sell it for....think of the use you are getting out of it.
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    Everything loses value a lot quicker now days because everything changes pretty fast, but camera still have to have the same basic operation so i dont think the depreciations will be to bad,
    FPS is impossible to upgrade with a firmware hack basically because it all falls on the buffer and how much information it can hold

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