35W bridge again


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Nov 19, 2008
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Mpls, MN
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I think this is one of the better shots I have gotten so far. I really like the blue and the starry lights. Shot in RAW and processed from therer. f/14, 5 sec., ISO 100, 18mm, Canon XS. Best seen at full size. Let me know why you like or don't like.


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wow, awesome shot, I love the colors and how sharp everything looks. My only complaint would be that there seems to be alot of dead space at the top but i guess you couldnt really crop it without losing a cool part of the bridge.
I really like the color and the effect! I wonder if some of the dead space could be used if you backed up a little bit and got more of the first set of bridge supports in the foreground? But there might be a cliff in the way...but I don't mind the way it is now. Good work!

I just drove over this for the first time the other day...kinda freaked me out a little, even though I know this one is much stronger :S
The star effects are from a long exposure. I like in the top right of the pic how the bridge runs right into the corner. Thanks for the comments.
Did you use a star filter or is that the long shutter speed?
The star effects are from a long exposure.
You actually get that star flare by using a smaller aperture (f/11 or tighter) while doing the long exposure. If you go wider with the aperture, the star pattern becomes less distinctive.
I love the angle of this shot..It just makes it that much better. Great capture!
thats awesome!! besides the star effect is there an advantage to setting your aperture higher like f/11 instead of f/4.0?

I know with the higher aperture you have to have a longer shutter speed.

I have been pretty much keeping my aperture at f/4.0 for everything...I am also a total noob sooo....
It is very good, draws your eye in.
You would close up the aperture more if you want a greater DOF. If he used lets say f/4 for this shot one part of the bridge would be in focus and then it would get more blurry the further down you go.
I prefer higher apertures for night photos, catches the light you want versus any distracting light. hopefully that makes sense. I am still learning myself.
Really nice shot. The colours are fantastic, and the starbursts add that little something else to the photo. What lens were you using? Just a regular 18-55 3.5-5.6? That makes a really nice, six-pointed star effect.

My only criticism would be the space in the top-left of the picture; in my opinion it would've been better if you could have caught some wonderful orangey-yellow sunset colours in there. Still, a very nice photo.
I like the sharpness, composition, and the colors!! I actually dont mind the dead space but its crazy how I dont see a single star up there! lol

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