360° VR Panoramic HDR Interactive Video of sIBL Archive

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    I'm new here, so bear with me if I make any mistakes (either in posting or in etiquette).
    I created a 360° VR YouTube video containing all the free (Creative Commons (CC BY NC SA 3.0)) HDR panoramic images in the sIBL archive on hdrlabs.com (many places around the world (mostly United States though)). I purposely sequenced them in order (rather than best ones first), and with an index in the description area. If you have a compatible (new enough, etc.) browser (or app) and device, you can interactively look around (press pause on the video for more time to look around). This video contains the processed images - to get the original HDR image files, download the corresponding zip file at hdrlabs.com
    To be clear, I didn't shoot these photos and I'm not affiliated with hdrlabs or the sIBL archive in any way. I just felt it's a valuable resource that should have an interactive showcase.
    You may need to view this video outside this thread, I don't know (it's 4k resolution, etc.). With a smartphone, you can move the phone to look around. With a computer, use the "pan button" at top-left corner or WASD keys. If you see a warped looking image, you're not seeing it right (not compatible browser or something).


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