1. 9

    PLEASE HELP! Are the lenses focused on his face/will his face look clear?

    Hello. My name is Pavle. I'm a young photographer. I have just started, so I'm a beginner so I'm still learning. Focus (that square thing) was set on this guy's body (stomach) and not face. What I'm trying to ask is if that (square) is on his stomach will only part of that body (stomach) be in...
  2. N

    How to make such portrait lightning?

    Please look at this video and tell me your opinion: 1. how many lights would you use to achieve similar results? 2. what kind of lights? 3. where would the position of these lights be? 4. from scale 0 to 10, which light would have which intensity? 5. what type of camera? 6. what type of lense...
  3. reyliaslaby

    Hi there! New to this forum! :) A Hi from Japan!

    Hi there! I haven't been on a forum for about 15 years I think, so it feels very interesting to be back on one! My friend told me about this forum, so I was curious to check it out and say Hi! Hope everyone is doing well and been having a good time shooting these days :) I'm Reylia, and I'm from...
  4. P

    How do i get myself (subject) to not have "dead eyes"

    i guess this is more personal than skills, but no matter how i photograph myself with self timer or have someone else do it i always have dead eyes. its very unflattering and no amount of camera skills can fix that. i smile, i turn to side i do everything and nothing is fixing it. any idea?
  5. P

    Recreating that commercial look?

    . For example: Overview | Aaron Smith Photography All the exif data are in the jpg's, what gear and lens does this person use?. how does one learn to take shots like these but more gear towards fashion? is it possible to do this standalone? best,
  6. M

    What do you think of this photo guys ? Thank you in advance.

    The Hills of Plovdiv, Bulgaria / Clickasnap Link removed. Please embed photos instead of posting links if you would like feedback.
  7. Anorda Photography

    Hello, wedding photographer Nick here

    Anorda Photography is a husband and wife wedding photography team that are passionate about preserving memories for generations to come. Sam and Nick strive to build true friendships with each of their couples because they feel as though it is the only way to genuinely capture a couple’s love...
  8. S

    Action Photography Settings - Requesting Help

    I have a Canon AE-1 Program and I plan on going California to spend some time with some friends who all skateboard. I have never shot skateboarding well and I was hoping I could get some advice on camera settings and technique. My camera has program mode, would this be acceptable to use for...
  9. Glostars

    Greetings from Finland

    Hi everybody! My name is Jonathan and I am an ameteur/enthusiastic photographer. I have little experience with photography, but I am a fast learner. I hope I can learn a lot in this forum and be able to share some of my work with you guys. I am currently living in Finland so I expect to be...
  10. Glostars

    Best gear for winter photography

    Hi everybody, What is the best gear I can use to get good winterish photographs? I live in Finland and I always wanted to get good images during winter where everything gets snowy white and the cities are colorful. However sometimes my smatphone doesn't get the captures right. So now I'm...
  11. F

    Hello everyone

    Hey! I just wanted to drop by to say hallo. I am a photographer from Denmark. I have had this hobby for a looooong time and i have just recently gone professional. I mainly take portrait photographs but i am also often at weddings taking photos there. I cannot wait to share some of my work...
  12. Somu

    Fall Colors in California

    Guys - any recommendations this year? With COVID, felt like it's a good idea to go on a day trip or one night stay trip from Bay Area....
  13. Connor Moriarty

    Who has experience with automatic photography machines (OrvitVu, Styleshoot)

    I am a photographer, but also the studio manager for a company that does outsourced product photography and editing for retail and eCommerce. We use OrvitVu systems to automate all of our photography to be as efficient as possible. The biggest inefficiency we have is the inability for all of our...
  14. Jeff15

    Straight from the camera

    I do basic editing to most of my pictures but I do not believe in composites.....
  15. S

    Cannon AE-1 Lens Comparison Question

    Question: I have been shooting a Cannon AE-1 program with a Cannon FD 1/1.8 since that was the lens it came with. After having a roll developed, I am looking to expand into having another lens to accompany the camera. I am thinking of buying a Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 Lens as my next lens. I...
  16. P

    Walking Empty Streets At Changi Airport | Pandemic Outbreak Aftermath: Changi Airport Singapore Now

    Shot with a Huawel P30 Pro Walking the near empty streets at what used to be one of the world's busiest airport, Changi Airport in Singapore, amid the global health pandemic outbreak. This is what Changi Airport Singapore looks like now. Through the lens of a smartphone, the airport's final...
  17. P

    Smartphone Videography [Samsung S8 Plus] - Jewel @ Changi SINGAPORE

    Hi guys, took a short snippet using [only my Samsung S8 Plus] of the sights and sounds of SINGAPORE Changi Airport @ the tallest Indoor Waterfall in the world.. Also testing out some smartphone videography just for the fun of it, hope u enjoy it! Do LIKE | COMMENT | SUBSCRIBE and SHARE - If it...
  18. P

    Cheap Photographers are undercutting the price in our local area.

    Hello! I'm posting this on behalf of my wife. She has been a photographer for several years now, specializing in pet photography. Up until now, she has seen success in maintaining a blog and a Facebook group. There have been a few new photographers pop up over the years so the market is tight...
  19. P

    Took a pic of this model, what can be improved

    obviously i could cropped out the legs as i was capturing him using AI focus. my lowest aperture was 4.0 on the lens, so that's the best i could do with shallow depth of field. can you critique it, and also give me some pointers for improving this image on software like photoshop? Imgur thanks!
  20. Alex Walker

    Start off Online course in Photography ?

    Hello guys, I a new here, and beside Networking, Photography is my hobby. And i wish to so some courses on it, when i do have some free time. But If it is from a college or a Uni, then it would also help me in the future, if i plan on taking my photography dream to a money making one...