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Feb 25, 2009
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Wat is the best camera 2 get? And any tips?
What's your budget, what do you shoot, what are you looking for, we need more details to help you make a decision.
We would have so much fun if you didn't write "for starting out" lol. What is your budget? Go to a camera store and see how the cameras within your budget feel in your hands and the one that feels best is the one to get.
if you want to fall head over heels with photography, get a cheap film camera, and get creative, read how to's about picture you like, and try it out, learn from your mistakes. and if you plan to have a large budget as the years go on, then get a cheap film SLR with a modern lense mount, such as a Canon with an EF lense mount, you can transfer the lenses over to a full frame digital SLR, or if you concider the conversion of smaller sensors on DSLR's you can just transfer them over anyway for a more telephoto effect.
I want the best cheapest camera i can get, nothin to fansy yet, and for shooting ppl and scenery, like the sky, or water, or a field with an object in it, something like that, and i put for starting out to hopefully catch ppl's eyes lol, n i as sad as this sounds i dont know where a camera store is around my area, guess im gonna have to look that up lol

and thanks teneighty!
Yeah....... I would say a used D70, or D80. DO NOT go to the D40! You will out shoot it very,very soon.
well it depends how serious you are about photography also, you could consider an advanced p&s
Ok great n thanks very much everyone! N this may sound dumb but wat is p&c?
P&S = point & shoot. You can't change lenses on these. a good one for about $179 is the Canon A570is. I have one and have gotten some great shots with it. Its easy to grip, you can use the viewfinder or the LCD screen to compose your photos, PLUS, there is a lens conversion kit you can buy for about $80 to make it into a telephoto lens. Pretty neat camera for the price and features. DSLR cameras, the kind of camera you can change lenses on, are higher in price, but if you're serious about photography as a hobby and plan to stick with it, it's a good idea to check some of them out that fall into your price range. I recently picked up my Sony A100 on Ebay -brand new for $300. Good luck.
Ah ok thank u very much! That was very helpful! I greatly appreciate it!!!

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