40D or 5D?

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by guitarkid, Oct 26, 2007.

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    i have the 20D, 30D, and love them both. looking to upgrade. i did just buy the 40D but may return it. thinking about the 5D but it's so much more money. just looking for opinions to people who have both, or have used both, or know anything on them. i know the basics on the 5D, FF, older processor, supposedly better photos, etc. i may return the 40D, as most indoor shots taken with it are underexposed when compared to the 20D and 30D at same settings. i have read this issue in a few forums and not sure i'm too keen on it. we shoot bands, weddings, real estate, corp. stuff, portraits.

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    I think the 40D is a better value, because it's what, half the price of the 5D? I've heard that the image quality is very close to what the 5D is capable of. So besides the size of the sensor...the 40D should be better in practically every other aspect.

    Of course, you seem to be having problems with your 40D. Maybe you could try to get a replacement camera...or maybe you could take your camera & card (and maybe a 30D) into a store. Use one card and take comparison photos with each camera...including a floor model 40D from the camera shop.

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