430 ex ll for macro


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Oct 6, 2009
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Phoenix Arizona
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just been looking to get a a flash. this is the right price just wondering if its capabilities are to par for macro work. was looking at ring lights but they are much more $$$.
Void .. I bought it today :)
So far so good
If you can get yourself a flash bracket and hold the flash over the end of the lens with the head having a slightly forward angle and use something like a softbox (eg lumiquest softbox) then you will have a fantastic light source. (if you're on flickr look up LordV who uses this setup) A little forward heavy, but not quiet as bad as a 580ex2 and certainly cheaper than the ring or twinflashes.
Ahh i have seen a lot of his work. impressive stuff! Im looking into a soft box for sure and learning about the rest as we speak.

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