5,300 shots from EN-El3 in D300


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Oct 26, 2006
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South Carolina USA
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I thought I would boast that I am at 5,388 pictures after a dance compeition from ONE EN-El3 I was using in my D300......the thing is I still have 25% power remaining :)

I was on burst of course at 7 FPS but all of it was shot at a dance compeiton. I have NEVER shot this many from one battery.

Thought I would share

Yeah, this camera/battery combination seems to last very well, I don't charge mine for every job like I did with the fuji/quantum combo, in fact using the grip with its battery too I practically forget it needs charging and only had it down around a third of power remaining when I do charge up. I rarely chimp unless its a difficult lighting scenario. H
I'm not really one to look at the LCD screen. I actually turn the review off during competitions for the simple fact that I need to change focus point alot and the picture will come up, I'll try to change the point and the histogram or more EXIF stuff will come up when I need to get another shot. I was just astounded that I got this many. I think it helped that I was shooting at 6.9 MP and fine JPEG. Wasn't really taking much to write to the memory card. When shooting 12 Bit RAW, I usually only get about 900-100 shots per batttery, which is still pretty good

just wait untill you get the grip and load up with that on there.
I can shoot an event across multiple days and thousands of shots without changing batteries.

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