5 images - Which should get c/c and pp suggestions - storm clouds, boat


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May 9, 2012
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These are sooc other than conversion to jpeg. I am looking for composition help as well as thoughts on which is the best (?) and worth working on, and why. It was the tremendous clouds that made me take these photos of a listing ship in an old marina.
i did use a soft grad on these.
Boat storm clouds.jpg
Boat storm clouds 2.jpg
Boat storm clouds 3.jpg
Boat storm clouds 3.jpg
Boat storm clouds 4.jpg
Boat storm clouds 5.jpg
Pretty much all of these are worth working I think.

Yes, you definitely need to get some texture in to those clouds, I would work the clarity slider and go for the darker / grudge look on these. The boat looks old and...rustic which sets the mood for the photo and the clouds match that. No point in trying to make this bright and vibrant, as it wouldn't fit the vibe.

You may get away with some general adjustments, but I do see the adjustment brush in your future, so you can pin point the adjustments.

Make sure to post the finished product! :1219:

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