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Dec 13, 2007
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Here are 5 pics from a race yesterday. As usual, I took about 400 pics and narrowed it down to 20 pics that were decent for a race report :(. I further filtered it to 5 pics that I felt I could post here for feedback. Looking for your critique and suggestions. Please be brutal. Hopefully with lots of practice and feedback from this group I can improve my shots and percentage.

Most were shot with the 70-300mm lens. D70. Some basic editing done in Elements.

I noticed that there is a spot on the lowerleft corner of some of the pics (guess it may have been dirt on the lens). Sometime this month I plan to take my camera/lens for cleaning to a camera shop. (I have not done this since I bought the camera in 2006).

1. mom&son

2. rich

3. mike

4. cool

5. brothers

Thanks in advance.
Love the 5th one
I like all of your pictures but I love 4 & 5. You can sell picture no. 3 as communication or mobile technology advertising :)
Thanks everyone.

bumping thread to get more feedback.
I was hoping to get some tips on how I can improve? anyone?

greatly appreciate your suggestions.
#3 and #5 are great photos. Excellent composition and good technique. Nothing special about the other three.
I really like 1,3, and 5. Number 2 look underexpose to me and background is kind of distracting with that stupid tree in th background even though it's blur.
You mention in your set up for the photos that these were from a race. I don't see anything in the photos that indicate this.
Thanks everyone. I appreciate all your comments.

Yes, there were a lot of pictures of runners, but none of them stood out. That is why I posted the best of my lot for critique.

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