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50MM Prime Question


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Jan 3, 2008
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East Orange,NJ
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Quick question, I hear that most people have the 50mm prime in their lens collection and that they are great for portraits. Now my question is, will this lens be a good choice for my crop sensor camera for portraits, or do most people use them on full frame sensors? Just was wondering if I should go with the 50mm or something smaller like a 35mm for portraits.
The 50mm lenses get a lot of recommendations because they are inexpensive. If you think you would prefer a different focal length for portraits, then get something else.

Typically, the longer the focal length the better, when shooting people. Longer lenses tend to compress features while shorter lenses accentuate features. 100mm was often the recommended focal length for portraits.

Of course, one issue is the space that you have or like to work with. If you are trying to shoot full body shots with 100mm, you might have to be fairly far away...especially with a crop body.
I heard the 85mm focal length is used on crop cameras as a portrait lens by some people.

I know a few of my shooting buddies use the 50mm focal length for portraits on their crop cameras.

One friend just started using the 35mm focal length on a full frame body and says it works nice for portraits.
I have a 50mm f/1.8 that I got for a late Christmas present from my grandpa, I use it for a light-weight lens. 80% of the time I have that lens on my camera. only when Im shooting something further away do I use one of my zooms.
If you want just a standard lens, a 35mm is what you should get (if you have a crop factor, get a lens that makes it 50mm equiv.)

Now if you want portraits, using a 50mm will require getting rather close, but for full body shots, you dont have to be that far,for just head and shoulder portraits, you would want something more, Like Big Mike Said, a 100mm is a good focal length for a portrait lens, along with a 50mm, its a good start for portraits, probaly all youll REALLY need.

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