55-250mm vs 70-300mm?


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Mar 23, 2009
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Silicon Valley, Ca.
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I have a delima, I need a telephoto lense but im unsure of which would be the best fit. I have a Canon Xsi with a 18-55mm and would like to bump up to the next level, I really like the 55-250mm and would think that its the next logical choice, but there is also the 70-300mm, is it wise to skip the 15mm that are lost by jumping up to the 70-300mm?
You need to be more concerned with the quality and performance of the lens rather than a few mm of focal length that you might lose in between.. nor would you really notice the loss of 50mm at the long end in most situations, especially if that extra length doesn't give you the same IQ.

Check out some reviews on each of the zooms that you are looking at, then choose the one with the best reports...
Depends, what kind of shooting do you do?

I'm not sure about the 55-250mm IS but I know the EF 70-300mm IS USM is a little slow to focus and has some CA on the long end. It's not a bad lens and I've seen some really nice pictures taken with it, mostly nature/bird photography.

The 55-250mm IS is meant to compliment the 18-55mm IS.

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