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Mar 6, 2007
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So I just woke up from a late nap and now I can't sleep at 1:30am. So I picked out a few random images to share from the past few weeks. Nothin' too special but this is definitely killing time for me. :)






Great job, these are really nice. I know your clients are always happy with your work.
Shot 5 looks great. I'm trying to reverse engineer your lighting here, but I can't tell by the catchlight in her eyes. The catchlight just looks crazy and I can't tell what lighting you used, care to explain?
Very nice shots! My favorites are the sepia toned ones. I'm a big fan of B&W & Sepia Toned so it's always nice to see those! I like the last shot of the two gals together but the one on the left, you can see her bra strap & the little clasp near the shirt. I don't know if you an edit that or not but it's just a little something I noticed!

Good job! Hope to see more!
Elsaspet, thank you!

Thanks, Kim. I wish I would have moved them closer together but there's always next time. :)

Kevin, thank you for the encouraging words. They help me to keep going. :)

Nicfargo, thanks for commenting. #5 is actually one of my favorite natural light shots I've done. I placed her in the shade and then set up a black gobo off to the right side, relatively close to her to block light on the one side in order to add shadow and shape to her face. Then, I placed a white reflector at roughly 45 degrees to the left to feather a little bit of sunlight back onto her face and add more brilliance to the light on the left side. I also was thinking I needed nice big catchlights so it all worked out. :)

Stacey, thank you. I noticed the strap as well. It'll be gone soon. :)

Heip, thanks a lot.
Nice! I like your compositions!

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