70-200mm f/2.8L IS

Robin Usagani

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Jun 6, 2010
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So I bought a used one of this. It was crazy. The lens is flawless and it came with UV hase filter. The tripod mount has no scratch. This thing looks like new.

So anyway, I cant seem to find the manual for this lens. I am interested to know what changing the the focus to 1.4m-infinity and 2.5m-infinity really does. HOw about the 2 stabilizer modes?
One of the stabilizer modes allows you to pan on a tripod. The other is full stabilization. The 1.4m-infinity will allow you to focus on closer objects. The 2.4-inf will focus faster and hunt less.

Enjoy the great lens!
Ti answered most of it - just to clarify on the IS modes - the first mode has IS working for all angles and is mainly aimed at handholding the lens; the second mode is designed for panning side to side with the lens (idealy on a tripod or monopod); the third mode is for being on a stable base and not panning - ie a tripod whilst taking any type of shot (the third mode is also called off mode ;)).

Have fun with the new lens! :)
While the manual for the M1 is no longer on canons site, the manual for the MII is and I don't believe it would be much different. As for the panning mode, you don't need to be on a tripod to use it.
Good point Scatterbrain - and yes the M1 and M2 function in the very same way with regard to their switches and modes of operation.
Cool.. thanks guys! Crazy.. i tried it out and I dont see any bad shots. Shot license plate from far away, did digital zoom.. can read it clearly even on the month and the year sticker! Very sharp!!

BTW.. it came with Canon UV haze filter. What shall I do with it?
replace it with a quality B+W or Hoya. If you are shooting expensive lenses, and then you put an extra element int here that is a cheap piece of crap, you are defeated the purpose of buying good glass.

Either no filter or a high end filter.

Mine came with a Tiffen UV filter that made a huge difference.

Unscrew your filter and then while looking through the view finger, hold the UV filter over the lens, then remove it while still looking through. You will most likely see a difference. I had a very noticeable loss of contrast.
Canon filter is cheap piece of crap? Not sure :p. Ok Twinky! Right now im so broke can even affod a box of ramen noodle. So the filter has to wait.
Canon filters are made by Tiffen, which tend to suck. FYI, I took a shot at 1/30 sec @ 200mm the other night and it was crisp as a new $ bill. :mrgreen: That IS is some kinda magic sauce.
Yeah, you will love this lens. It focuses so fast you don't even notice it focusing half the time. I thought it was broken at first.

As for the filter. Don't use one, just use the hood and save the cheap filter for rare instances where you may need protection from like mud, or salt water mist etc. Do the test I said to do, and you will thank me....
I was lucky enough to buy this lens second hand in mint condition (for less that half what it would have cost new) from someone who wanted a quick sale. I did it to help him and originally planned to sell it at a profit.

After using it a few times i decided it will never leave my side.

Great lens.

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