8mm Fish-Eye Peleng Nikon Mount

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    selling my Peleng 8mm fisheye lens. Not used it more than 5 or 6 times since I've had it. Comes with a collection four filters that fit to the rear element of the lens. Used on my Nikon D70 and D200. It's a manual lens but I've had great fun with it. Comes with protective lens caps (as expected) and a protective zip up bag.

    The Lens specifications are as follows :-
    Focal length: 8mm
    Field of view: 180 degrees, provides a circular image (not a full-frame image) on 35mm film, on nikon dx series digital slr's the image is slightly cropped in the corners
    Filter size: 26.5mm, mounts to rear element
    Aperture scale: f3.5 to f16

    I am asking around the £130 for this lens. If your local then you can collect in person and pay cash if not cheque is fine. I'm in Oxfordshire and can do evenings and weekends.

    The photos on my website were taken by a colligue with the worlds worst S3. He'd never used anything other than a compact before so excuse the horrible photos. I will take some more with luck today but you get the idea of the near perfect condition of the Peleng 8mm lens I'm selling.

    Here is a link to my website.


    Want more info: Email me directly sales@webserv.blogdns.com

    thanks for looking


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