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Sep 1, 2010
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9 years ago today i was sitting in my 8th grade social studies class when over the loud speaker the teachers were called to and emegerncy staff meeting. when our teacher came back she was weeping. she had a list of names she called off and thoese children were to go home. sitting there puzzled we kept asking what was going on. still crying she pulled out a tv and turned on the news.....That is a day i will never forget. Where were you 9 years ago today?
I was in 7th grade and our school wouldnt tell anyone what took place. They just rushed everyone out the door and sent us home.
I was in bed, lol. (Working 2nd shift at the time.)

My dad called and woke me up and told me to turn the TV on. I watched the news till it was time to go to work, then once I got to work we were all pretty much just standing around listening to the radio.

We had a bunch of Arab planes sitting outside (fancy business jets, heads of state & stuff like that), and they made us go cover up all of the Arabic writing. I guess they were afraid that someone would see it driving by and start blasting holes in it with their shotgun, lol.

I think we brought all the batteries inside too. We had maybe 10 737s sitting on the ramp fueled & ready to go. All someone would have to do to steal one was hook up the batteries... Our security there was a chain hanging between two poles, lol.
I was just leaving to go to the Studio I worked for and it was thought a small plane had hit a tower by accident. Once there tough we sat in shock over the next couple of hours while we watched the news and the world changed.
FffGetting ready for work... or at least trying to. My jeeps battery had died and I was waiting for a tow to thbe local garage. News came up and I said... who the hell flies a cessna into a building? Moments later, the live broadcast caught the second plane crash convincing everyone that the events were much more sinister than we had all originally assumed. Made it to the garage then heard news that there was another plane crash. Once at work, everyone was crowded into the conference room just in time to see the first building collapse. At that point, the director came in wished everyone the best and told everyone to go home to their families.

I walked to the highest point in our area.. a normally quiet park... watched the smoke rising from the city 30 miles away... didn't seem to be real that moment

Month or so later, we all lost our jobs.... and things just never seemed to recover.
I was in the torpedo room of a fast attack submarine off the coast of CA, in the middle of a war game. The commodore came over the announcing system and told us what happened, we weren't sure if it was part of the game or reality.
We came up to periscope depth and linked to the satellite, and streamed the news channel to our only TV on the mess decks. Everyone crowded around and watched in shock.
We headed closer to the coast and got the commodore off the boat, and went back out to sea; unsure of what our families were doing. We stayed out for a long time, waiting to get word on if we were going to deploy, and if it was safe to pull into our home port.

I can see it replay in my head like a movie still to this day.
I was at the Casinos' restaurant with my mother having breakfast I believe . On my way out--passing the Casinos lounge and the huge tv that was mounted near the door with the news on. The smoking towers caught my attention immediately..I stood there trying to figure out what had just happened. 3/4 of the Casino/lounge population began swarming around the TV.. and we all just stood there in shock for a bit. :(
My dad lay dying in a hospital bed and my wife and I were preparing to go and see him on possibly his very last day of life...to me the events of 9/11 in New York City barely registered...on 9/10, the day before the 9/11 attacks, my dad had asked me to give him a shave in the hospital bed...it was the first and last time I had ever given my dad a shave...we both knew it was for his funeral...but the events of 9/11 "energized" my father and made him spitting made about "those sons of b**T2hes" attacking the USA...his anger at the attack seemed to keep him alive for a couple more days, then he slipped away just after President Bush gave his big speech about the war on terror. For me, the entire 9/11 tragedy almost did not register, because I was so wrapped up in my own family's despair...
6th grade. They made an announcement over the loudspeaker, I don't remember exactly what they said. We stayed in school for the rest of the day. I got home and remember watching the news wide-eyed with my mom.

Two of my friends' fathers were killed in the attack. One worked in the towers and I personally knew him; the other was a fire fighter.

I live less than 25 miles from the city so there were many people from my community who lost their lives either working in the buildings, or as police officers and fire fighters.

Sad day.

If anyone is interested, the History channel is airing a show tonight at 9 EST that consists of 102 minutes (I think) of personal video that was taken by different people who turned their video cameras on on the day of the attack. I think it will be worth watching.

I walked to the highest point in our area.. a normally quiet park... watched the smoke rising from the city 30 miles away... didn't seem to be real that moment
My dad and I went out on our boat off the south shore (LI) in the days following the attack. You could clearly see the smoke as it rose from the city and was carried across the island. It was like that for days.
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I was in Keflavik Iceland, and was in the U.S. Navy at the time.

When it came across the TV, the Lieutenant (O-3) that I was working with said "that’s it, we are going to war soon". He was of course right.

He was an interesting guy, and I would always see him reading giant WWII books and stuff of that nature.

He was a P-3 flight officer, and used to tell me stories about when he fired SLAM-ER and HARPOON missiles at targets for training.

It was funny to me because the P-3 is terrible at the attack role and shooting missiles, even though it can. It is a big, slow aircraft, and they never shoot missiles for real world operations.

All this is probably so vivid in my memory only because of 9-11.
P-3 are used mostly for electronic intelligence these days... Pretty vital role...

There are no subs left to hunt...

Have you read about the P-3's replacement? The P-8 (737)... NO overland surveillance capability... Huge negative to me...

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