A Beetle and A Bird


A naughty little bunny...
Nov 28, 2011
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Hey all, here is a couple shots I processed today.

1. The Beetle, still working on identifying this guy, they show up in the attached greenhouse on warm days.
Shot settings:
onboard flash
hand held

First and foremost I want a macro lens but for now I have to work with what I have, 18-200 IS :)

Don't like, DOF, little deeper to put his hind legs in focus would have been better.
Would like to see better light on the lower half of his back where his wings are folded together, I think this will bring out better detail there, getting away from using the onboard flash should help this?

The Bird.
Shot settings:

This is one intense looking Goldfinch! I like that he has the look of a raptor bird in this shot, I think the shortening and blunting of his beak from the angle contributes a lot.
I'm iffy on the processing, seems a bit too sharp in places. Also iffy on the crop.

Thanks for taking a look :)


IMG_2400 by Judi Smelko, on Flickr


menacing goldfinch by Judi Smelko, on Flickr
Bugs creep me out so I passed the beetle.. but I love the bird shot Crisp and beautiful :)
Thanks OwensMomma and welcome to TPF :)
I like the finch shot, that's quite the expression! but did you consider cropping it closer? The bird is overwhelmed by the background, IMHO.
I think the bird shot is great; nice bokeh.

The bug shot doesn't have a very interesting perspective, but I like his bell-bottoms! :)
Hi Blacksheep and Jeremy, thanks for taking a look!

Blacksheep, I likely tried every crop under the sun lol I like the branch's shape and I think that gets lost in a close crop. I might try it again today to see it with your eyes and find a happy medium. I agree the bokeh is a bit "heavy".

Jeremy, good point, I can't believe I missed that! A bug on a rock ... Nice bug but boooooring! Perhaps I will "relocate" the next one I find ;)
Oh cool Ron, I'll check that out. I thought it might have been some kind of wood boring beetle, many similar but not exactly like this one.

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