A bottle of wine


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Aug 10, 2010
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Central England
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Thought I'd see what you think of this please

Sharpness is good. I like the way the bottle reflects through the left side of the glass stem. I think it would be good to move the glass so that it overlaps the bottle a little to take more advantage of that.

Overall, I'd suggest work on composition and light control.

Things to watch for on next attempt:

Bottle top cramped at top of composition.
Wrinkles on backdrop.
Light is rather harsh and could use some diffusion.
Light to dark transition to left of glass seems too abrupt.
Associated with above: Glare spot on bottle.
Uncontrolled reflections from lots of sources (including trees through window or something) on glass and bottle.
Fingerprints on glass and bottle.
No light through liquid makes it look brown and uninviting.
Shadow of bottle on backdrop.
Hard dark shadows on table. (General rule: When Deep shadows cannot be avoided, incorporate them into the composition)
Lines or shadows of some sort on table to right of bottle.
It lacks context of any kind. Adding something else into the composition can help; like grapes, cheese, even the cork.
The glass looks huge compared to the bottle. Consider shooting from further back and zooming in or cropping.
ginger wine?.. lol

Nice wine is the portuguese.. red wine, "verde" e Port..

nice pic ;)

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